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October is one of the most important months for women, globally. A time for survivors to share their stories, patients to be uplifted, and people to celebrate lives of their lost loved ones. Narratives of strength, happiness, and sorrow are shared around the world to honor those who have been affected by breast cancer.

The female dominated beauty and fashion industries are amongst the front runners of supporting breast cancer awareness month, as well as breast cancer related causes, foundations, and charities. Other than being primarily female influenced, the connection between the beauty industry and breast cancer are a lot stronger than one might expect.

Many women undergoing treatment for breast cancer often feel as if they are not themselves during this time. Struggling with hair-loss and body changes due to chemotherapy, they turn to makeup as a source of strength, power, and confidence. As celebrity makeup artist and cancer survivor, Ramy Gafni said, “It’s not about looking like Cindy Crawford. It’s about looking like yourself before you started treatment” (Kiernan, Caitlin M., Women’s Health Mag). Further than the cosmetic side of the beauty industry, it is equally as important for breast cancer patients to take care of their skin during this time with sensitive creams, natural oils, and gentle, clean beauty products. As a reminder to any of our beauties who may be undergoing treatment today, keep the glam going! Carry a lipgloss or blush in your purse for a pop of color to boost your mood or treat yourself to a new beauty item to lift your spirits. W

Home of Beauty would like to extend its support in honoring breast cancer patients, survivors, and lost loved ones all over the world during this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We stand with you and we hope to make you smile.



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